About Us

History of The melting Spot

THE MELTING SPOT ( RESORT BUILDERS) is a Bangalore Based Company since from 2015 in the Market have made the availability of standard and customized wooden houses in India very strongly.

THE MELTING SPOT are specialized in manufacturing custom high quality Pre-fabricated wooden house, Villas, Gazebos, Bar-counter, Security cabins, Beach houses , Roof tops , Sloppy Mountain valleys , Floating houses , Farm houses and Pavilions.

THE MELTING SPOT skilled craftsman’s use combination of machine tools hand made techniques to produce precision luxury homes , door structures and also based on precise architectural designs provided by our clients. And every stage of production is monitored and strictly controlled ensuring high quality end result.

THE MELTING SPOT uses only highest quality kiln dried lumbers for manufacturing all our products in our factory at Bangalore , India. THE MELTING SPOT keep a large quantity of stock at all times with termite resistance, kiln dried, fire retardant.

THE MELTING SPOT is one of the best Indian Business, entity to offer knock down I dismantle-able wooden houses in the country. Demand of wooden houses is catching up in India as we have installed in various heavy torrential rains and extreme hot humid regions with 100% water proofing

Adventure Setups :

We build Adventure setups for Resorts as well as personal purpose at your locations

we are the people design your place for beautiful RESORT

Technical Specificaitons

Four species, White Spruce (Picea glauca), Engelmann Spruce (Pice aengelmannhl), Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta), and Alpine Fir (Abbes lasiocarpa) comprise the spruce-pine-fir species group. ALL yield high grade timber with relatively small, sound tight knots.

The combination of the species and growth conditions in western Canada result in tall straight trees which produces strong straight lumber that when dried correctly is stable and ideal for construction.

lumber is a distinctly white wood, with very little color variation between springwood and summerwood. The wood has a bright, clean appearance, ranging in color from white to pale yellow, with a fine straight grain and smooth texture.


Kiln dried lumber is used as a structural framing material in all types of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural building applications. Kiln dried lumber is also used extensively in the manufacturing of prefabricated housing, trusses and other structural components. In addition to producing high quality structural lumber, with a little preparation, can be made into very appealing, economical solid wood furniture.

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