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Structural lumber, trusses, prefabricated housing, exterior decking, preservative treated poles, railway ties, outdoor furniture

Kiln drying inhibits natural staining of the wood, improves its strength and stiffness, enhances its appearance and increases its resistance to decay and attack by insects. has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is well known for its outstanding working properties. It takes and holds nails exceptionally well and is easily worked with hand and power tools. It has good gluing, painting and staining properties.

Density (air dry average): 480 kg/cubic meters

Specific gravity (oven dry average): 0.47

Modulus of elasticity: 12 300 MPa

Modulus of rupture: 81.1 Mpa

Wood Grade

Combination of laser grading and manual grading is used to ensure that the grade accuracy is at its highest possible level. A laser grading optimizer grades lumber. The online laser scans each piece as it passes to the grading station. This scan checks for wane and straightness and can measure deviations to an accuracy not possible by human eye. The manual graders then look for other defects that will affect the grade and intended use. This combination allows our graders to concentrate on fewer defects and make better grading decisions.

Category Former Dimension Real Dimension Length

• kiln Dried 22 mm x 110 mm x 4 mtrs above

• kiln Dried 38mm x 150mm x 6 mtrs above

• Kiln Dried lumber, Humidity ratio 13%-15%,on the each lumber have the kiln Dried marks.